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January 1, 2018

The site is now hosted by FlockHosting. Thanks to their built-in integration, it is also now HTTPS enabled via Let's Encrypt. (To be honest, that was one of the primary requirements in my new hosting provider selection process, and I found FlockHosting from the list of supported providers on the Let's Encrypt forum.)


December 29, 2017

GoDaddy has decided that at my next renewal, they're going to charge as if this was a major ecommerce site rather than a 3 page personal site. Therefore, there will not be a renewal with GoDaddy.
New hosting provider has been selected. More info to come once everything is moved over.


July 23, 2017

I think I finally have everything switched over to where goudelock.com is the main URL and gadsplace.com does a 301 redirect back to it. GoDaddy didn't make that very easy.
Next project for the site will be trying to get it HTTPS enabled without paying through the nose for the certificate.


May 1, 2017

So, umm, yeah... after eleven years, it was time to change this up a bit.


January 4, 2006

CompoUSA (and by extension Ready Hosting, since Compo is just a Ready Hosting reseller) sucks as a hosting provider. That's why I've moved the site to Go Daddy.


January 15, 2005

I'm still busy, but I am updating...but probably only enough to let my wife start adding stuff as well.


October 23, 2003

Yes, I know it's been a while since I updated the site.
I've been a little busy, OK.


February 1, 2003

Columbia (1981-2003)

Colonel Rick D. Husband (USAF)
Commander William C. McCool (USN)
Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Anderson (USAF)
Captain David M. Brown (USN)
Kalpana Chawla
Commander Laurel Blair Salton Clark (USN)
Colonel Ilan Ramon (IAF)


January 19, 2003

Check it out! Gad's Place is now
Ain't that cool?


January 11, 2003

Exciting news (for me, anyhow): Gad's Place will probably be moving again soon.  More details later.  Don't expect much in the way of updates to anything until then.


November 20, 2002

It's a great day to be alive.  Really, it is. At least if you're me, anyhow.


July 27, 2002

Welcome to Gad's Place in its new location!!!!!!!

Please remember to update your bookmarks.  The new address is http://pages.sbcglobal.net/gad.


June 23, 2002

Gad's Place is currently in a slight state of flux.  I don't expect that MSU will cancel my account before I'm able to get some server space in Houston, but they might, so if the page disappears suddenly, that's why.

Once I get space in Houston, I'll move the site and put up a link here to the new location.


March 10, 2002

MSU 61 - Alabama 58

How 'bout them Dawgs!!!!!
Congratulations to the 2002 SEC Men's Basketball Champions!!!!


March 2, 2002

The diatribes are going to be shorter and much less frequent from now on.  I have integrated my LiveJournal with the site, so most of the updates are going to be in it rather than new diatribes.  The new diatribes will probably be for stuff that I want to be up here for a long time.  Stuff like:

MSU 36 - Ole Miss 28 


January 8, 2002

Well, as much as I enjoyed having it up here, it was time for the Egg Bowl diatribe to go.  After all, it wouldn't be fair to all my Ole Miss friends for me to continue to gloat about how we had a terrible team this year and still beat them, and about how they would have won the SEC West and gone to a bowl if they had won, and how Eli got picked off by the worst cornerback in college football not once, but twice.

Did you ever want to hide a secret message to someone in plain sight?  I thought about trying to do that here, but I decided that the person that I want to send the message to would probably never see it, since I don't know if that person regularly checks this site or not.

Did you know that FDR had the Hoover Dam named after Pres. Hoover to improve Hoover's public image?  The dam was built during Hoover's administration, but after FDR took office everyone hated Hoover and blamed him for the Depression.  FDR figured that naming the dam after Hoover would show the public that Hoover's administration wasn't all bad.

Sinus headaches suck.  That's all I have to say about that.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...so is tomorrow...and the next day...and the next....unless, of course, you die today.

First class day of the semester + Mountain Dew Code Red after midnight = statements like the one above.

Sinus headaches still suck.  I'm going to bed.  


November 22, 2001


MSU 36 - OLE MISS 28

Kevin Fant: 14-21, 263 YDS, 1 TD
Eli Who?: 16-36, 213 YDS, 2 TD, 3 INT


November 17, 2001

I got a very surprising phone call last night around 10:30.  Chris called me and told me he was engaged.  ENGAGED!  I didn't realized that it had gotten that serious between he and Kelly, but then I've hardly be in Amory at all since May, so it's not like I would have known anyhow.  Still, I'm having a little trouble believing it.  I guess I just thought that Chris and I would get to that part of our lives at around the same time, but here he is engaged and I'm not even dating anyone.  Heck, I don't even have any potential date prospects.  (OK, so that last statement isn't entirely true... I do know a girl or two that I'd like to ask out, but I have absolutely no reason to believe that they'd want to.... but that's a different subject.)

I'm happy for Chris, though.  I just wonder if Kelly knows what she's getting into. ( j/k!)  Congratulations to the both of you!


October 3, 2001

There's so much going on, I don't know where to start.  Oh well, here goes: 

PRAISE GOD that George W. Bush is the President.  I shudder to think how Al Gore or Bill Clinton would be handling this crisis.

The lack of bombs falling in Afghanistan is starting to bother me, but I'm sure that W. knows what's he's doing and that the retaliation will occur at the right time.  Heck, the longer Osama is stuck in hiding wondering what we're going to do, the better.

To all of you who are worried about flying (or any other type of traveling) now:  Don't be.  All you accomplish by sitting at home on your tail is to let the terrorists win.  Let the officials handle security and just go about your business.  When God decides that your time is up, he's not going to check to see if you're in an airplane first.



July 1, 2001

Since I actually got some positive response to the last set of Questions of the Moment, I'm doing another set. (OK, so it was just one e-mail... it was positive, though, and that's all that matters.)  Without further delay, Questions of the Moment II:

1.  Why are so many folks opposed to us increasing oil drilling in the US?  How the heck are we supposed to end this energy crisis if we don't go get more energy?  *** July 5 Special Update ***  I just saw some silly Hollywood actor on The Factor on Fox News.  I don't remember the wacko's name was, but he made the claim that solar power was efficient because new solar cells can produce power for $1 per watt.  Hmm.. let's see... last time I checked, 4 County is charging me less than $0.10 per KILOwatt.  Let's see... the solar power costs 10 times as much for 1000 times less power.  Only to a liberal nut could 10,000 times more expensive be efficient.

2.  Don't rowdy, obnoxious people still get on your nerves?

3.  Did anyone else notice that the stock market took a big hit on the day that the Democrats took control of the Senate?  Think that's just coincidental? 

4. Hey Northland, the new channel lineup w/VH1 & Comedy Central is awesome.  Now, when are we gonna get a WB station and a UPN station?

5.  Anybody out there even know where the nearest UPN affiliate to Starkville is?

6.  Jeb, I know you're worried about re-election and all, but do you have to oppose the drilling in the Gulf?  Heck, if the Dems run Reno, you'll have a landslide.

7.  Hey Senator McCain, when's the last time you checked with the people of Arizona before deciding on your position on an issue?

8.  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (So far, no answer to this one.)

9.  Anybody else excited about getting your tax rebate check this fall?

10.  Do you know if your senators and representative tried to stop you from getting your rebate check by voting against it?  If they did, you should remember that next time they're up for re-election.

11.  If all these Europeans are so ticked off at us for not ratifying this crappy Kyoto treaty, why the heck haven't any of their countries ratified it?

12. All of the other countries with nuclear weapons don't want us to build a missile defense system.  Isn't that the best reason why we should?


April 7, 2001

In the spirit of the Reflector's new "23 Questions" column, this diatribe will by my Questions of the Moment.   Here we go:

1.  Why are there Senate Republicans opposed to the Bush tax cut?  Are these guys trying not to get re-elected?

2.  Don't rowdy, obnoxious people get on your nerves?

3.  Does anyone else think that the major networks need to just give up and leave the reality shows to MTV?  Real World is still the best of them all.

4.  When are those of us who aren't in major metropolitan areas going to get a WB affiliate?

5.  Better yet, when is Northland Cable going to actually give us a decent channel package?

6.  Is anybody else out there ticked off that the Dawson's Creek writers had Joey sleep with Pacey?

7.  Why are CD prices at Wal-Mart getting so high?  (And don't try to blame Napster...I buy more CDs now than I did before I started using it.)

8.  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

9.  Did you really expect all of these questions to be serious?

10.  Why can't I think of anything else to put here right now?


February 16, 2001

It is a great time to be an American.  For the first time in eight years, we can go about our lives without wondering what kind of stupid decisions with the potential to destroy the nation that the President will make today.  Oh, sure, we're in an economic slump, but President Bush is taking action.  He's gonna give us a much needed tax cut.

Yes, that "us" refers to every tax-paying American.  Don't let the Democrats fool you into thinking that this tax cut is only for the rich.  Look at the numbers:  Bush wants to cut the 15% bracket down to 10%, the 28% bracket down to 15%,  the 31% bracket down to 25%, and combine the 36% and 39.6% brackets into one bracket at 33%.

The "rich" are those in the 36% and 39.6% brackets.  Their cut is only 3-6.6%.  The middle class is the 28% bracket.  Their cut is 13%, or nearly half of their current rate.  THE MIDDLE CLASS GETS THE BIGGEST CUT.  That's right... 13 is ALWAYS greater than 6.6.  Oh sure, the rich's cuts will look bigger, but that's because they already pay a WHOLE LOT more than the middle class.  I think the number is something like the top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all the taxes.

Look at it like this:  Let's say Person A makes $40,000 and is single with no dependents.  Right now, Person A pays approximately $6,000 in taxes.  Under Bush's plan, Person A would pay approximately $3,685.  That's a $2,315 cut, or about 39%.  Next, let's say Person B makea $2.5 million and also is single with no dependents. Right now, Person B pays approximately $970,000 in taxes.  Under Bush's plan, Person B would pay approximately $806,000.  That's a cut of $164,000, but it only represents 17% of the total.  Even though Person B had the larger dollar amount, his cut was less that half of the cut that Person A received.  Person A couldn't have received a $164,000 cut because he was only paying $6000 to begin with.

If you still don't get it, think about this question that I'm borrowing from Rush Limbaugh:
"Suppose Bill Gates paid 100% of all the taxes in the nation.  If there was a tax cut, who would get the cut?"


December 16, 2000

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations President-Elect Bush and Vice President-Elect Cheney!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness that the US Supreme Court has more sense that the FL Supreme Court.  Hey Al, that was a great concession speech Wednesday night.  I was impressed that you actually said the words "concession" and "defeat."  You have earned back all the respect that you lost from me since November 7th.  Admittedly, that's still not that much respect, but it's more than I was willing to give you before Wednesday.  Anyhow, I did find one problem with your speech.  It was about 36 days too late.

35 Days until we start fixing all the problems caused by Clinton-Gore!


November 27, 2000

Well, last night the Florida Elections Canvassing Board certified the results.  George W. Bush won the state by 537 votes, and he is now President-Elect of the United States.  As expected, Vice Perpetrator Sore and his running mate Senator Loserman are refusing to accept these results even though they are after somewhere in the neighborhood of six counts in some of the counties.  Do these folks need to be hit in the head with a big stick to see that they LOST?   

Well, regardless of who you voted for, one thing is for certain:  W. won and Al is trying to get the results overturned.  Don't buy this "count every vote" crap that the Gore folks are spouting off about.  They are the ones that put together a strategy to make sure that as many of the overseas absentee ballots as possible DIDN'T get counted.  I wonder if Al would say the same thing if he had to do it standing in front of all those great servicemen and women with their M-16s and other weapons instead of from his cozy little abode in Washington.

This election is over.  Bush won.  Al, quit acting like an idiot about it and GO HOME.

Hey W., after all the nasty things the Dems said about her, I've got a suggestion for your cabinet:  Katherine Harris for Attorney General.  She's already proven she can correctly read laws... something that can't be said for the FL Supreme Court.


November 19, 2000

    Well, first a little housekeeping.  This section shall from this day forward be known as the "Diatribe of the Moment."  I use the non-time interval specific term "moment" because I'm only going to update it when I think of something new to add.  I'll not tie my deep philosophical thoughts to some artificial time frame.

I wasn't going to say anything about the ongoing Florida re-count this time, but something just came to mind.  Do you realize that in demanding these hand counts, Al and his cronies are trying to say that the ballot counting machines are partisan and biased, but the DEMOCRAT county canvassing board members aren't.

Well, crap... I wanted to rant about something besides Al Gore trying to steal the election, but since I mentioned it above, I can't think of anything else to rant about. GEE, THANKS AL.

Hey Mr. Vice Perpetrator:  Al, they counted the absentee ballots and you lost this election for something like the fifth time.  GIVE IT UP.



November 12, 2000

    OK, here goes.  At the time I am writing this, it has been almost a week since the election, but the question of "who won?" is still being contested.  Here are the facts:  On election night, Bush won 30 states and 271 electoral votes, enough to make him the next president.  Gore won 21 states (assuming he's declared the winner in Oregon) and 267 electoral votes. Supposedly, Gore received more of the popular vote, but I submit that the popular vote this year is a completely worthless number.  When all the major news agencies declared Gore the winner in Florida before all the polls in Florida had closed and the polls on the west coast had hours left to be open, it caused many voters who had intended to vote for Bush to become disheartened and go home rather than wait in the long line to vote.  Gore's 200,000 vote margin is not even close to be large enough to say that he still would have won it.  Therefore, we have only the electoral vote to go by, with Florida being the big question.  Well, in Florida, Bush won the count on election night.  Bush also won the re-count that was completed Thursday night.  They did a third count in Palm Beach County, and Bush STILL won the state.  Gore and his people, however, are continuing to demand re-counts, and one would assume they will keep demanding them until they win the state instead of Gov. Bush.  It should be noted that there have been no accusations of fraud or problems with the counting machines, and this whole "confusing ballot" thing is pretty ridiculous.  There are arrows next to each candidates' name that point to the hole that you are supposed to punch, and the holes are a mere 1/5th of an inch away from the arrow.  If you can't figure that out, then I must question your ability to make an informed decision about who should be president anyhow.  And if you happen to be a resident of Palm Beach County, do you realize that the Gore people are implying that you are too STUPID to read the instructions on the ballot?  I'd be ticked off if I were you.  And finally, Mr. Vice President, if in the extremely unlikely chance that you are actually reading this, I have but one thing to say to you:

Mr. Gore, you lost.  You lost in Florida, you lost in 28 of the other 49 states, you even lost in your home state of Tennessee.  DEAL WITH IT and get on with your life.


October 29, 2000

    On November 7, this great nation of ours, the greatest nation in the world, faces a HUGE decision about its future. We can either make a stand for the beliefs of our forefathers and go back to the values and principles that the nation was founded on, the principles that made us the great nation we are, or we can allow the country to continue to move to the left until all our freedoms have been snapped up by a massive federal bureaucracy bent on nothing less than controlling every aspect of our lives. I urge you to go vote on Nov. 7th. If you like the idea of the government controlling every detail of your life, then vote for Gore or Nader. But if you're like me, and you'd rather the government leave you alone and give you back your money (that's what the surplus is folks...the government collected more of YOUR money than it needed), because YOU know best how to run YOUR life, then you should cast your vote for GEORGE W. BUSH. 


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